HDEX Türkiye 2023: Setting higher benchmarks

Discover how thoughtful design creates lasting impressions, fosters loyalty, and differentiates in the competitive hospitality industry.

TURKEY is renowned as one of the most sought-after tourism destinations worldwide and stands as a prominent nation in the global hospitality industry.

According to data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Turkey ranks among the world’s top tourist destinations. The hospitality industry of Türkiye holds the sixth position globally.

Based on STR Global research conducted in 2021, Turkey currently boasts 5,234 hotels encompassing 594,156 rooms.

Over the past decade, Turkey has made substantial investments in the hospitality sector, leading to a remarkable 42 percent increase in the number of hotels between 2008 and 2018.

It is anticipated that Turkey will further elevate its standing in the global hospitality sector in the foreseeable future, with experts describing Türkiye as a “rising star.”

HDEX Türkiye: An initiative fostering dynamism in the industry

The inception of HDEX TURKEY stemmed from the realization that despite being a prominent global player, our country lacked a Hospitality Design fair.

Given the significant domestic market for hospitality and accommodation in Turkey, coupled with the presence of numerous Turkish design firms making their mark on the global stage, the need for a Hospitality Design Expo that would bring together local and international industry leaders became evident.

Our research has led us to conclude that embarking on the Hospitality Design Expo aligns with our mission of contributing to the Turkish economy while serving as a well-grounded initiative.

Although the global Covid pandemic had a detrimental impact on the industry, the resurgence of the hospitality sector commenced with the pandemic’s end. The timely launch of the Hospitality Design Expo strengthens the belief in a bright future for our fair.

HDEX 2023: Setting higher benchmarks

The positive reception of HDEX 2022 has spurred us to prepare for HDEX 2023 with expanded objectives.

Presentation: Our aim is to effectively reach one million individuals worldwide through both traditional and digital channels.

Attendance: We anticipate hosting over 10,000 domestic and international guests.

Seminars: Six international seminars are scheduled.

Exhibition space: We are doubling our exhibition area to cover 4,600 square meters.

Budget: Our turnover target has tripled to ₺9 million.

Participation: We strive for the participation of 200 companies and brands.